4 years ago

Using Imagemagick with MAMP Pro (and TYPO3)

Category: Webdev

If you are developing websites and webapplications with TYPO3 and you are using OSX / Mac then you probably have gone through a lot of hurdles installing the Image Manipulation Tool Imagemagick - it is necessary in order for TYPO3 to resize, create, crop and manipulate jpeg, gif and other graphic files on the serverside. I had problems installing / updating Imagemagick with every major OSX release, so I was happy when the last major version of MAMP Pro was released – it now finally contained the Imagemagick Components within MAMP. Downside: There is no documentation about where this component is placed so TYPO3 cannot access / run it. I found out a few days ago that in MAMP PRO the binaries are located in


If installed through the terminal (or via homebrew) usually they are located in


So you simply point TYPO3's install tool to his new directory (and uncomment the


in the php.ini, around line 540) and then Imagemagick does it's job like a charm again (don't forget to restart MAMP after that..)

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